Better Health

I recently started taking a plant based product called, "Kratom" (properly pronounced KRAYtum (with the long "A" sound, like in the word "gray"). I love this stuff! Since 2004, I have suffered with horrible, agonizing, bone-gnawing, constant, toothache-like, pain in the bony area of the back of my neck.

Unfortunately, our U.S. government leaders are not always competent, concerned nor caring of the needs of "The People," whom they are sworn to serve and protect. There are available, helpful and effective prescription drugs to relieve chronic body pain, but due to legal pressure nearly all doctors today either refuse to prescribe pain drugs, or refuse to prescribe anything higher than BID (Basic Initial Dosage).

Consequently, pain sufferers like me have been forced to seek alternative pain remedies. I am thankful to God that I learned about Kratom. I haven't had any unpleasant side effects so far. I have read that if you take too much, it will cause you to feel nauseated or even vomit. I haven't experienced that yet. I always take 2 heaping teaspoons of Kratom at a time, mixed in with a cup of hot chocolate. Sometimes I will use my Nutri-Ninja to mix an apple, some kale, broccoli, flax seeds and cold water into a green smoothie. I'll add my Kratom to that. The apple helps reduce the unpleasant bitter taste of the Kratom.

I ordered my Kratom from a place in Austin, Texas. I got it in the U.S. mail 3 days later in Pensacola, Florida! I also ordered some Kratom from this place (here is who they are). I am a skeptical person by nature, but I am sold on Kratom! I love this stuff, which helps me feel better in my pain. Nothing takes my pain away, but it is easier to cope through it when you feel good. Kratom gives you a natural "high" (which I think everyone understands), kind of like taking a Valium pill. At age 54, I have never drank a beer, never smoked a cigarette, never done any illegal drugs, but I like Kratom. It is natural. I recommend doing a lot of reading before you decide to try it, which is what I did. I am sold. It works for me!

Please make sure to check if Kratom is legal in your particular state. It is ILLEGAL in Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee and Vermont; and a few cities, like San Diego in California (but Kratom is LEGAL in nearly all of California). I live in Florida, where Kratom is only illegal in Sarasota and Union counties. So I'm legal beagle! I really wanted to share Kratom with you, because it has been such a blessing for me personally. Just don't go hog-wild taking the stuff, like anything else! I take 2 heaping teaspoons at about noon each day, and then I feel GREAT for several hours. I don't take anymore until the next day, so my body won't get too used to it, and it will work well later. God bless and enjoy!